Sponsors welcome

Dear Sirs/Madams

The JEWELRY & TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF LEBANON (JTIL) was founded in 1998. That offers a world class education in Jewelry technology to students in Lebanon and the Middle East.

JTIL offers a broad range of professional courses and specialties that are not available anywhere in Lebanon. Students outside of Lebanon are welcome and the founders of JTIL recognize that a diverse student body is an asset to their educational institution.

Students have the option of selecting from one or two years program, and upon successful completion of their courses they will receive a certificate or certificates that are recognized by the ministry of Education in Lebanon.

Our goal is to teach students the latest techniques emphasizing a hands-on approach. Students will be provided with top of the line equipment to help them enter the workforce upon graduating from JTIL.

The Jewelry & Technological Institute of Lebanon is committed to the success of its students, and will constantly strive to become a world class institution.

Here we are in the process of launching our new project of assisting and training a number of students with Special needs with free or discounted installments. To help develop this sector and for the success of this work, JTIL is looking for sponsors to help with this project.

So we invite you to be the sponsors of the future by donating an amount of $2000 American dollars for a period of one year.

The name or your company will be mentioned in all our advertising and media, audio and video in Lebanon and abroad and in our JTil campus.

Advertising companies that we are dealing with it now:

-Silhouette Advertising agency (SMS-Emails- Billboards) -Al-Balad news paper
-Al-Hadaf Ads and flyer Distribution
-Radio Sawt Al-Njoom
-Radio Sawt Lebnan
-Radio Van
-JTIL's web site and Face book group – www.jtil.edu.lb
- Internet business site - www.libanmall.com
-Yellow pages
If agreed to be a sponsor please fill out the following and we will contact you.
Full Name الاسم الثلاثى
Company المؤسسة
Address العنوان
Tel# الهاتف
E-Mail البريد الالكتروني
Amount Donated المبلغ المتبرع به