Short Term Classes – English

The Jewelry & Technological Institute of Lebanon is committed to the success of its students, and will constantly strive to become a world class institution.

The following short term courses can be taken individually to receive specialization

(Short term courses)

* Wax carving

* Jewelry polishing

*Gold Smithing repair and polishing

* Microscope stone setting

* Basic Stone Setting

* Advanced Stone setting

* Casting & Electroplating

* Jewelry Design

* Diamond Grading

* Colored stone grading

* Jewelry sales

* Computer jewelry design Matrix 3D

* Horology (watch repair)

* Rubber Mold Making Electroplating


The goal of this program is to prepare students to obtain a thorough understanding of the methods and techniques utilized in the jewelry industry today. Upon successful completion of this program, students will be prepared to seek employment in the following areas: retail stores and wholesale factories.
Listed below are all the courses that must be completed successfully in order for the student to be certified as a Bench Jeweler & Jewelry Designer who is qualified to perform various specializations in the jewelry industry. The curriculum for each of the following courses is detailed in the corresponding course overviews.

Length of program:
One month